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Imagine the possibilities of personalized spa treatments


Manicures  |  Pedicures  |  Facials  |  Waxing  |  Massage  |  Lashes

Customized Sessions at Spa Day

Spa Day treatments can be customized and shaped to your preference.



Substitute with what you prefer.

Tailor it to your uniqueness.


The possibilities are limitless.

USDA Organic            Eco Cert


What goes on your body goes in your body. 

Where possible, we provide certified organic options and treatments for a non-toxic experience and make the ingredients known to you.


Where possible, we use non-reactive materials such as glass, to avoid leaching toxins like BPA and have distilled water as an option, so the ingredients start pure and stay pure for your treatment.

Spa Day incorporated modern design and systems with classic spa themes, such as upgraded ventilation system to eliminate fumes and smart technologies to efficiently manage our energy consumption.

We integrate modern science into our understanding of our treatments to eliminate the mysticism and be able to explain why our treatments work.
Spa Day used green, renewable materials such as bamboo as much as possible from our ceilings to our tools and implements.

Mindfulness is beautiful...

Healthy is beautiful...

Uniqueness is beautiful...